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My Passion With Drawing

My passion for pen and ink drawing began during high school. I have always been inclined to focus on faces. I initially started drawing in pencil using shading. Then, while in school, I was introduced to pen and ink. I became slightly obsessed with the first drawing I attempted. I have since learned to pace myself with these and take time to relax and enjoy creating each piece at my leisure. These drawings are unique in several ways.

One reason is that they are personal to me and what I am feeling or going through at the time. What’s even more unique, is that the emotion I feel when looking at each one is different depending on how I feel about myself or my life at the time. Even stranger is watching what others see and how they emotionally react to them. Some people see confidence, others see anger, freedom, even anxiety, and happiness. It’s different for each individual and depends on their emotional state and that time.

Beauty Beyond the Ink

Most of my drawings have symbolism, a poem or saying and names in them. The poem pertains to why I am creating that particular piece of art. For instance, the piece titled “The Jewel” is one of my favorites because of the symbolism. The main focus is on the girl’s face and hair. There is also a strand of pearls that is broken like a heart can be broken. But, being the jeweler I am, this necklace can be repaired. She doesn’t appear sad but has a tear rolling down her face. This tear turns the pearl into a drop of water, that in turn, falls onto a ‘past, present, future’ ring and has a ripple effect. The poem in this one is, “time and love heal all wounds”. So, the things in her life, good and bad, can be overcome and effects other people around her. The ‘jewel’ isn’t the jewelry depicted in the drawing. She is “The Jewel.”

Also, I include names in my art drawings. I will usually have my name and whoever inspired the creativity included in the designs somewhere. I usually have God’s name, Jehovah, in there somewhere because He is the ultimate artist as seen by everything around us.

As you can see, these artist’s renderings are truly one of a kind. I don’t have a huge collection yet, but they are time-consuming and I have to put a lot of thought into them before I even start. They are to be inspiring to me or they just don’t get finished. You just can’t demand art, it takes time to pull it from the soul to get a truly inspiring piece of art.

Find a Piece for Any Occasion!