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Experienced That Shows

Tate Professional Jeweler started out by repairing jewelry for independent jewelry businesses in 1999. Known for our expert repair services, we quickly became well known in the jewelry community of Memphis and were able to expand our business to what it is today. With our expertise in jewelry repair services, we are confident we will be able to repair your jewelry beautifully. Whether you are looking to reset a stone or resize a ring, our jewelry professionals are sure to meet all your jewelry repair needs.

Professional Jewelry Repair

Our team at Tate Professional Jewelers understands that jewelry is a very personal thing. Your pieces hold family memories and generations of experiences, and we are passionate about restoring and repairing your pieces. Whether your piece has been in the family for ages or it’s a new piece that needs repair, we’re certain we can repair and transform your piece to its original splendor. Always adaptable to your needs, Tate Professional Jewelers is committed to your satisfaction and always strives to expertly restore your jewelry.

Adaptable to Your Needs

At Tate Professional Jeweler, we listen to you. We understand the personal meaning behind your jewelry and do our absolute best to restore your jewelry to its original state. Trusted by the best jewelers in Memphis, we have been providing our expert jewelry repair services to the city for over 25 years. When you work with our artisans and craftsmen, you can rest assured you will receive jewelry repair services of the utmost care and artistry. To find out more about our jewelry repair services in Memphis, please get in touch with our team here today!

Find a Piece for Any Occasion!